Christmas Count Down – T’was 2 Weeks Before Christmas

Check out these menu ideas for large or small Holiday gatherings. Take your pick so you can finalize your shopping list.

Holiday Turkey 13 Ways
Whole turkey or breast?  Brined or not? Roasted? Deep Fried? Grilled? Instant Pot? Smoked?  Easy or Expert? Food Bloggers around the world have you covered!
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Riesling Brined Turkey
Chateaubriand With Mushroom Sauce
Looking for an alternative to turkey for you Holiday Meal? It doesn’t get any more elegant than Chateaubriand!
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Chateaubriand tenderloin on a platter with mushroom sauce surrounded by green beans and broccoli.
Cornish Hens With Orange Apricot Glaze
If you are having a small gathering for the Holidays you may be looking for an alternative to a 20 lb turkey. These Cornish Hens with Orange Apricot Glaze are so rich and savoury! Perfect for a small gathering!
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Table setting Cornish hens, stuffed with Root Vegetable casserole and baked squash.
Holiday Side Dishes
These delicious Holiday Side Dishes all complement turkey beautifully. Some are make ahead which is always a bonus when you have a large holiday meal to prepare.  Others you can do some of the steps ahead of time and finish off the day of your dinner.
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Christmas Brownies with Brandy Custard Sauce
These Christmas Brownies with Brandy Custard Sauce are an easy modern day take on Christmas Pudding with Hard Sauce.
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Round brownie cake on a pedestal, with sifted icing sugar and sugared cranberries for garnish
Amaretto Pear Trifle
This delicious Amaretto Pear Trifle is perfect for winter and large enough to feed your holiday crowd and have leftovers! It uses Italian Panettone Fruit Cake and amaretti cookies in your base.
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trifle in a glass bowl with whipped cream and cherries on top
Meringue Christmas Tree
This Meringue Christmas Tree always gets oohs and ahhs at the table. The meringue layers will keep 2 weeks in an air tight container so you can whip the cream and assemble the day you plan to serve it. Operative word is air tight…. And.. it is gluten free!
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Meringue Christmas Tree
Christmas Count Down - T\'was 2 Weeks Before Christmas

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