Hello! I am Carolyn – the Wine Lover in the Wine Lover’s Kitchen! I am an avid cook and wine taster! I am fortunate to have incredible food and wine experiences at my doorstep since I live close to Canada’s Niagara Wine Region.

I have recently received my Wine And Spirits Education Level III accreditation.

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With my Wine Picks posts my mission is to highlight the best wine values offered through the regular Vintages releases of Ontario Liquor Control Board (LCBO) in the $15-$35.00 range. I figure if you are routinely spending more than $35.00 on a bottle of wine you know what you like or are looking for.

Good wine doesn’t have to be expensive. I love it when my recommendation proves to outshine a similar wine costing significantly more!

As of March 2019 I have been approved by the LCBO to attend their media tasting for the be-weekly Vintages releases.  The LCBO offers a sub-set of the wines on offer for each release.  I document those I review and rate in a post called ‘The Best and The Rest’ in all price ranges.  Subscribers to my bi-monthly newsletter will receive my reviews and recommendation in their in box a few days before the release.  The Best and The Rest will be available to non-subscribers a week after the release on the web site.

On the occasions I do not have the opportunity to sample the wines prior to release  my recommendations for the best value wines in my Wine Picks posts will be  based on the Vintage Panel’s notes and various other professional wine reviews.  They are essentially the wines that I would buy.

I would love for  you to comment on wines you have tried as well.  Which have you enjoyed?  Or which have you not enjoyed and why?

I read recipes for fun and  have been (hoarding) collecting cook books and food magazines for years. I love to experiment with food.  I find it interesting to see, when I review my recipe collections seasonally, how different food trends have evolved – from those layered Jello parfaits of the 60s to 2000s trendy foams!  We shouldn’t however throw the baby out with the bath water!  There are some classic recipes that deserve their place in the regular roster and shouldn’t be forgotten!

My criteria for featuring a recipe is that is has become one I make over and over again; one that guests ask for the recipe on a regular basis; one that deserves to be documented – not just in my head!

I belong to a wonderful wine tasting club that has taught me a lot about different wines. We vary between appetizers suited to the wine theme we are investigating and full blown dinners. What I like best is when you find the right combination of food and wine that makes the sum better than the parts. I confess some of the recipes can be rather involved but I also provide tips on how to make some staples ahead so you have them on hand when needed to simplify making a dish without sacrificing some of the complexity of flavour.

Since I started The Wine Lover’s Kitchen I have joined Natalie Maclean’s community of wine reviewers.  This has opened up wonderful opportunities to attend industry tasting events. Natalie is Canada’s ‘Most Quoted Wine Writer and Editor of Canada’s largest wine review sites. My reviews are available to Natalie’s followers on her site https://www.nataliemaclean.com/.

I love the world of blogging and am proud to be a member of Food Bloggers of Canada.

I can’t wait  to share my favourite recipes, menus and wine pairings and experiences with you! Please enjoy responsibly!

About Me

This is me enjoying  lunch in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles- no wonder I have a Cheshire Cat grin on my face!

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