Easy Way to Seed a Pomegranate

This simple way to extract the seeds from the leathery skin of a fresh pomegranate will save you all kinds of time and grief.  Pomegranate juice stains everything so easily and there tends to be a lot of it!

  1.  Fill a large bowl with cold water.

2.  Quarter your pomegranate on a cutting board and immediately immerse the quarters in the cold water.


3. Gently tease the fresh seeds out of the pomegranate pith.  As you work the detached seeds will sink to the bottom of the bowl.  Any white pith or peel will float to the top.


4.  Discard the large pieces of peel and pith.  You may find there are still a few seeds with a bit of white pith attached.  They stand out really easily so gently rub the pith off and let it float to the top. Take a fine seive and skim the pith off the water’s surface.




5.  Rinse the empty sieve to dislodge all the white pith bits.  Drain the bowl of pomegranate seeds through the sieve and let the seeds drain.



Voila… no muss… no fuss!

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