Dozens of Shredded Rotisserie Chicken Recipes

Too hot to cook? Have to get dinner on the table quickly? Here are dozens of recipes that use rotisserie chicken – from snacks to soup to salad and casseroles!

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Dips & Snacks, Salads, Handheld Sandwiches, Wraps, Sliders, Casseroles & Baked Dishes

Dips & Snacks

Quick and easy for game day or an appetizer!

Healthy Buffalo Chicken Dip
Buffalo chicken dip is probably one of the best ideas anyone has ever come up with. Let’s take buffalo sauce and chicken, and add cheese and ranch to it. Then, let’s dip our favorite things into it. And let's use a rotisserie chicken to make it easy! Genius!
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Warm Pesto Chicken and Cheese Dip
Super easy to bring together, this pesto chicken and cheese dip recipe is the perfect meal to serve up when you aren't in the mood for cooking. Simply add all the ingredients together in a casserole dish and give it a good stir, pop it in the oven until everything is melty and bubbly, and you are good to go. Serve with chips, crackers, or veggie sticks to make it a complete meal.
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Cheesy Chicken Corn Dip (No-Bake!)
This Cheesy Chicken Corn Dip with Cream Cheese is absolutely delicious and made in just a few minutes! You definitely need to save this no-bake dip for all your snacking emergencies and easy appetizer needs! 
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Cream cheese dip with rotisserie chicken and corn.
Four cheeses, juicy chicken and alfredo sauce come together to make the perfect cheesy dip for any occasion! It tastes just like your favorite pasta dish, and is ready for dipping in just 20 minutes!
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Air Fryer Chicken Taquitos
These air fryer rotisserie chicken taquitos are made with corn tortillas and a flavorful rotisserie chicken filling. Thanks to the amazing air fryer, you’ll need very little oil to make hot and crispy chicken taquitos from scratch!
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Buffalo Chicken Flatbread
Spicy buffalo chicken flatbread pizzas topped with mozzarella cheese and healthy yogurt ranch dressing. Ready in under 15 minutes, these pita flatbreads are perfect for lunch, dinner, or as a game day appetizer!
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Flatbread topped with melted cheese and chicken bits.
These incredibly easy Sheet Pan Chicken Nachos are crowd-pleaser! A layer of crispy tortilla chips is baked with shredded cheese, tender chicken, and black beans. Serve with your favourite condiments.
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Sheet pan of nachos loaded with shredded chicken, jalapenos, black beans and lime.


It is easy to add healthy protein to a salad when you use a Rotisserie Chicken!

Strawberry Pecan Chicken Salad with Green Tea Vinaigrette is a quick summer, no cook meal that is perfect after a day at the beach or park!
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Summer Berry Salad (Gluten Free, Low Carb, Keto)
This delicious mixed berry salad makes a fabulous summer meal that is keto, low carb, and gluten free. Take advantage of all of the ripe strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries and make this summer berry salad recipe. You’ll love how the flavors come together with chicken and raspberry vinaigrette.
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Rotisserie chicken with strawberries, raspberries, black berries and avocado topped with raspberry vinaigrette.
Hawaiian Chicken Salad – for Sandwiches and Lettuce Wraps!
Want an amazing chicken salad recipe for easy meals and snacks? Try this Hawaiian Chicken Salad with pineapple and ham in a sandwich or in lettuce wraps!
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Chicken salad with ham and pineapple in lettuce cups.
Thai Chicken Salad with Peanut Dressing (CPK Copycat Recipe)
This Thai Chicken Salad is a copycat recipe of the CPK Thai Crunch Salad. It's a healthy recipe perfect for meal planning, with satisfying crunch, energy-building protein, and topped with a tangy Thai Peanut Dressing. You'll love it!
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Chicken salad with crunchy vegetables topped with peanut dressing and lime slices.
This chicken salad with grapes recipe takes cooked, protein-rich chicken breast and combines it with crunchy celery and pecans, sweet grapes, and spicy onion and tosses it in a creamy dressing made with mayonnaise, greek yogurt, and spices.
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Creamy salad using leftover chicken meat with grapes and pecans in a large bowl.
Healthy Mexican Chicken Salad
This Healthy Mexican Chicken Salad combines rotisserie chicken, fresh veggies – jicama, fresh chiles, scallions, bell pepper – with an easy avocado lime crema. Serve it as a salad with fresh greens and tiny tomatoes, in a wrap or a sandwich.
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Salpicón de Pollo – Chicken Salad Tostadas
Salpicón de Pollo is a refreshing shredded chicken, radish and mint salad that’s popular in Latin America. Enjoy it topped on crispy tostadas or tucked inside soft tacos for a party appetizer, picnic food or game day snack.
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Tostadas topped with rotisserie chicken, avocado, mint and radishes.
Simple Curry Chicken Salad
Simple Curry Chicken Salad is a lightened up version of avclassic.. Shredded chicken is mixed together with Greek yogurt, mayonnaise, honey and curry and then combined with golden raisins, shredded carrots, chopped celery, fresh green onion and parsley.  This is a nice option for a picnic, weekly lunches or a shower or brunch!
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Curried chicken salad in a bowl.
Classic Cobb Salad With Chicken
A well-made cobb salad is a work of art. Delicious layers of fresh ingredients are combined expertly to create a beautiful, delicious, and satisfying salad that can be enjoyed as a main dish or a side.
We’re adding diced chicken to this cobb salad, but you could add any type of cooked meat that you like. Anything goes when you combine crunchy romaine lettuce, crispy bacon, rich avocado, yummy veggies, hard-boiled eggs, and crumbled blue cheese with an amazing cobb salad dressing
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Healthier Chinese Chicken Salad
This vintage Chinese chicken salad is updated and adapted from my mom’s PTA recipe from the 60s. This modified and healthier version of Chinese chicken salad has all the flavor, but less sugar and is lower in carbs.
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Chicken, mandarins and napa cabbage salad in a bowl.
This Lemon Basil Chicken Salad recipe is perfect for lunch! It's made with rotisserie chicken and tossed in a homemade zesty herb dressing.
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Rostisserie chicken salad on a bed of lettuce.

Hand Held Sandwiches & Wraps

These chicken gyros are full of fresh tomatoes and cucumber, creamy tzatziki and tender chicken. Plus, they hardly take any time at all thanks to rotisserie chicken. In about 15 minutes you can have flavorful chicken gyros assembled and ready to enjoy.
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Tandoori Chicken Naan Pizza
Here’s another awesome way to use leftover roast chicken the next day. This Tandoori Chicken Naan Pizza combines mango chutney, peppers, shredded roast chicken, red onions and mozzarella cheese. Served with a sprinkle of fresh cilantro, it’s the best way to end a busy week!
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Chipotle Chicken Avocado Melt (Panera Copycat!)
Toasty focaccia, melty gouda, and smoked chicken all slathered with a homemade chipotle mayo sauce and zingy piquante peppers. It's truly a flavor explosion.
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These precious dill chicken salad sliders are made with a delicious rotisserie chicken salad recipe and a very special surprise! The buns are made of crispy, flaky, buttery puff pastry that takes only 20 minutes to bake, so they’re not just sliders… They’re dill chicken salad “slider-puffs!”
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Puff pastry buns filled with chicken salad and topped with an olive.
This WW friendly, No Cook Buffalo Pulled Chicken Sandwich with Caraway Coleslaw is perfect because it's a super quick and easy dinner that uses rotisserie chicken.
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Don't know what to do with leftover roasted chicken or turkey? Serve these healthy gluten free savoury muffins at room temperature with a salad or soup or as an appetizer.
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Close up of savoury chicken muffin.
BBQ Chicken Salad Wraps
This is the perfect summerr meal. It uses rotisserie chicken and sauces that you probably have in your fridge. And it requires no time in the oven!
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Parmesan-Artichoke Chicken Salad
Parmesan Artichoke Chicken Salad is loaded with the flavors of a Parmesan Artichoke dip! It's perfect for Rotisserie Chicken or leftover Thanksgiving turkey, too.
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Croissant filled with chicken salad with berries on the side.
Waldorf Chicken Salad
This amazing Waldorf Chicken Salad is the Leftover Makeover you've been waiting for. Take any leftover chicken and remake it into a delicious, hearty salad filled with grapes, apples, celery, and red onion. This is perfect for stuffing a rich croissant or having a lighter lunch with romaine lettuce hearts.
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Croissant filled with creamy chiken and grape salad.
Napa Almond Chicken Salad (Panera Copycat)
This absolutely delicious chicken salad was inspired by the Napa Almond Chicken Salad at Panera. It is easy to make at home with rotisserie chicken and so much like the restaurant version!
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Easy Leftover Chicken Corn Chowder recipe. So creamy and rich, but made without cream. This makes a great weeknight dinner idea.
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Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice Soup (Panera Copycat Recipe)
The homemade version of this Panera copycat recipe tastes just as delicious while being filling, healthy, and even sneaking in some hidden veggies! 
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This soup is so good and it uses the humblest ingredients. A rotisserie chicken and jJust a handful of things your might already have in your kitchen and you have the most decadent soup that you will crave over and over again!
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Bowl of creamy soup with chicken and lemon and pasta.
Tom Kha Gai Soup is a rich, creamy, spicy and sour, with flavors that will take you to Thailand! A super easy chicken soup recipe that's ready to eat in 30 minutes
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Chicken chunks in coconut broth with chiles, lime and bean sprouts.
This Creamy Tomato, Chicken and Rice soup is one of the most useful recipes you can have on standby. It's a hearty meal in a bowl made with canned tomatoes and rotisserie chicken.
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Mexican Chicken Soup (Paleo, Gluten Free, Whole30)
The most delicious Paleo Mexican Chicken Soup using a rotisserie chicken!
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Chicken chunks in broth topped with avocados and chiles.
This cozy and savory Chicken Gnocchi Soup recipe is fragrant, delicious, and incredibly simple to make! Made with rotisserie chicken, veggies, soft gnocchis, and a creamy broth. Perfect for lunch, dinner or any time you’re craving comfort. 
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Bowl of creamy soup with gnocchi, chicken, carrots and parsley.
Max and Erma’s Copy Cat Chicken Tortilla Soup
This creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup is a perfect copy cat of Max and Erma’s famous tortilla soup! Made from scratch, this soup is cheesy, loaded with chicken and veggies, and has the perfect amount of spice!
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Creamy tomato soup with peppers and tortillas.

Casseroles & Baked Dishes

Take a rotisserie chicken and add savory Mexican street corn seasonings and a cheddar-cotija cheese blend for this flavorful Chicken Broccoli Quiche. Add a touch of spice to liven up brunch, lunch, or dinner!
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One-Pot Creamy Pasta Alfredo With Chicken And Shrimp
This One-Pot Chicken Shrimp Pasta Alfredo is a comforting dinner for the whole family that gets on the table in no time! Cook penne pasta in a creamy homemade Alfredo sauce, then add rotisserie chicken and pre-cooked shrimp!
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This Spanish Chicken Stew comes together in less than half an hour but tastes like it's cooked for hours, a hearty chicken stew full of warming rosemary, lemon and garlic flavors.
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Easy Leftover Rotisserie Chicken Recipe
Start with a rotisserie chicken and then check your refrigerator for ingredients you can add to your Chicken Pasta bake.
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Skillet Chicken Pot Pie
Skillet Chicken Pot Pie is the best one-pan meal to come out of a skillet in a long time. The puff pastry crust tops off a rich and creamy filling that is both easy and quick to make. It’s the ultimate comfort food!
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Rotisserie Chicken Pad Thai is a tasty and fast weeknight dinner. Use leftover rotisserie chicken to make this low calorie version of Pad Thai in less than 20 minutes.
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One-Pot Creamy Chicken Gnocchi
This One Pot Creamy Chicken Gnocchi is absolutely cozy, saucy, and flavorful. It's made with sun-dried tomatoes for a pop of brightness, frozen corn for sweetness, and Parmesan cheese for a creamy sauce. An easy, one-pot meal that only needs 30 minutes!
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Chicken Enchiladas
Go Tex-Mex with that Rotisserie Chicken and make Enchiladas!
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Cheesy Chicken Lasagna Stuffed Shells are no-boil, so it’s super easy to load them up with a lightened up cheesy spinach filling, pile them high with white meat rotisserie chicken, then smother them in marinara and even more cheese. Healthy-ish pasta bake for easy weeknight dinners.
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Savory Chicken Crepes
These savory chicken crepes with asparagus are fun and easy to make, and make an amazing lunch or brunch dish. You will love the easy chicken filling!
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Two crepes with chicken and Asparagus topped with a lemon slice.
Creamy Lemon Chicken Pasta
Creamy lemon chicken pasta makes an easy weeknight meal – it comes together in 30 minutes or less! Pasta and shredded rotisserie chicken are tossed in a creamy homemade sauce with a hint of bright lemon flavor.
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This famous Chicken Casserole with Ritz Crackers recipe is one of the easiest you’ll find and so delicious! It comes together quickly withrotisserie or leftover chicken (or turkey.
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Creamy chicken casserole with cream of mushroom soup and ritz crackers.
Venetian Chicken Pasta (Rotisserie Chicken Pasta)
Tender chicken, a rich, savory sauce, with pops of sweet raisins, woody rosemary, and creamy pine nuts – this is seriously something different and delicious! It is a dish inspired by the flavors of Venice. Savory and sweet, combined with fresh herbs and pasta. Plus, using a rotisserie chicken, you can have dinner on the table in under 30 minutes!
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Pappardelle noodles with chicken and pine nuts.
Dozens of Shredded Rotisserie Chicken Recipes

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