How to Open Any Jar Easily

Now you can open ANY jar easily!  NEVER  struggle with opening a jar again with this simple trick.

I have a selection of thos strap wrenches that you can grip the lid with and kind of torque your way through the opening.  But if the jar is quite big I don’t get a very solid grip on the bottom often.  Then I put on a rubber mat and try to keep the jar from twisting with the lid.

Now… I keep a trusty slot screwdriver with the regular thin flat head in my kitchen drawer.

A picture of a glass bottle with a lid and a screwdriver tip inserted under the lid

All you have to do is gently insert the tip up under the side of the jar lid and gently twist the the screwdriver.  In short order you will hear a soft pop as the metal lid bends a bit and breaks the seal.


Voilà,  jar open…. you never have to struggle again!

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