10 Amazing Irish Bread Recipes

Those Irish are so clever….no yeast to proof, no rising, no kneading.  And they make an absolutely delicious bread.  Look no further – here are Irish Soda Bread recipes that cover the spectrum from scones, to rolls, to breads.

I love  breakfast in Ireland with the oaty soda bread, slathered with creamy Kerrygold Butter and jam.  I just learned that Kerrygold butter is made from the milk of grass fed cows. No wonder it is so creamy and sweet.  In researching though there are reports that the cows are really only about 90% grass fed. Apparently they are fed some supplemental grains. This is not an issue for me personally but it does cause alarm among people with corn or soy allergies or those averse to possible GMOs in their food.

It’s a good thing these breads are so quick and easy to make because homemade bread is best consumed the day it is made or the following day.  (Note the Waterford Blaa are yeast based rolls but the others are all soda breads.)

So, brew a cup of tea, curl up and browse through these delicious Irish soda breads!  I put the gluten free recipe first in line so GF folks don’t have to wade through all the recipes they are not interested in.  There are also links at the bottom of the post if you are looking for Irish soups or stews to go with the bread!

Brown Bread – Whole Wheat Irish Soda Bread by Inhabited Kitchen


Gluten Free Irish Soda Bread by My Gluten-Free Kitchen


Irish Brown Bread Muffins by Running to the Kitchen


Irish Scones by Tara’s Multicultural Table


Guinness Beer Bread by Platings and Pairings


Waterford Blaa by Karen’s Kitchen Stories


100% Whole Wheat Brown Irish Soda Bread by Kalyn’s Kitchen


Beer and Irish Cheese Bread by Girl in the Little Red Kitchen


Irish Barmbrack by All Roads Lead to the Kitchen


Guiness Irish Soda Bread by Bunsen Burner Bakery


Now that you’ve settled on which bread to make you may want to serve  it with an Irish Cheddar Soup, or Stout and Onion Soup, or Irish Stew or Corned Beef and Cabbage.  You can find all those recipes here.  And here are Drinks or Boozy Irish Desserts!

10 Amazing Irish Bread Recipes

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