Frozen Walnut Torte

This dessert is like a grown up version of a DQ ice cream cake.  Hands on time is minimal although the meringues have to bake for an hour.  If you are puttering around the house anyway it is very easy to make.  And… it is make ahead!  You need to freeze at least overnight but I have frozen it up to a week before a party and I can’t tell the difference. Continue reading “Frozen Walnut Torte”


Cherry Port Sauce

This tart cherry sauce is so awesome and so easy to make! You can use this on duck breasts, chicken breasts, pork tenderloin, even ice cream!

You can find tart cherries bottled in their juice along with other preserved fruits in your grocery store.

According to Dr. Natasha Turner (a respected Canadian naturopath)  tart cherries:

  • can reduce inflammation thereby improving on osteoarthritic pain and helping to stave off gout,
  • improve sleep as a natural source of melatonin
  • decrease post-workout soreness
  • combat belly fat
  • reduce stroke risk.

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