LCBO Launches New On-line Ordering and Delivery Service

A dream come true!  Home wine delivery!!   What a bonus for cottagers or people who don’t live close to a major center.  The world of the LCBO has just opened up to them!

You can order Beer, Whiskey, Wines, Spirits, Coolers -you name it.  Minimum order is $50.00 Canadian.  Home delivery takes 2-4 days and costs $12 + tax.  Delivery to your nearest store is free but will take 1-4 weeks (so plan ahead!).

Of course I would drill down into the wine sections!

  • There are 720 white wines that can be ordered on-line, of which 197 are available exclusively on-line. Of the 720 wines available 31 are Vintages.
  • There are 1,228 red wines that can be ordered on-line, of which 452 are available exclusively on-line. Of the 1,228 wines available 77 are Vintages.
  • There are 51 roses (1 Vintage)  that can be ordered on-line, of which 10 are available exclusively on-line.

Prices in each category ranges from less than $10 to over $100 with the vast majority of the selections  being in the $13- $40 range.

There is representation from all the major wine producing countries as well as few minor producers such as Macedonia, Israel, Slovenia, Serbia. Well – okay- they may not be minor in their own areas but we don’t see much of them commercially here.

The bulk of whites offered on-line are from Canada, France, Italy, USA and Portugal.

Reds are most represented, in descending order,  by Italy, Canada, USA, France, Chile, Australia, Portugal, Spain & Argentina.

Roses are largely Canadian (yeah! we make great roses!) with a smattering from France, Spain, Portugal.

When you are on the site you can see which wines are available on-line and which are available only on-line.  Canadian wines are well represented in the on-line offerings but they are the same wines that are available in the retail outlet.

I was a bit surprised to see that of the wines that are exclusively available on-line  there is only 1 additional red and 1 additional rose wine from Canada, and no whites.  Given that you can see that many of the on-line exclusive offerings are of limited quantities (48-60 bottles some times)  I would have thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to promote distribution of some of the fantastic Canadian wines that are only been available at the winery because they can’t meet the volume requirements for the in-store sales.

I am looking for some insight into that and will update this post with my findings.

Nevertheless, while it may not be a boon to Ontario or Canadian wine producers out of the gate it is an undeniable advantage to consumers.

Let’s get this party started !!!




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