Don’t Say Goodbye to Fresh Corn Just Yet!

It is really easy to preserve fresh corn on the cob and now is the time to think about it.  It takes no time at all and when you see what you can do with it in the dead of winter you will be glad you thought ahead!

Preserving fresh corn is as easy as shucking it and freezing it on the cob.  This method works fine if you intend to use it within a couple of months.  If you want to preserve for 6 months or more then blanching is recommended before freezing.  Still not hard – you are just going to half cook the cobs, cool them and freeze them.  Not much more work really than cooking it fresh.

The method for freezing corn kernels or corn on the cob are the same.  But I want to encourage you to save those corn cobs that you can turn into liquid gold if you have room in your freezer for a the whole corn on the cob.

Check here for more detail on freezing and cooking later on.

Corn ready to freeze

Another opportunity you don’t want to miss is the liquid gold that comes from boiling the corn cobs.  You won’t believe how much flavour boiling the cobs to make a stock-like liquid will add to your dish!

Here are  some amazing recipes that use fresh corn and/or the stock from boiling the cobs.

Fresh Corn Risotto with Shrimp and Salsa Verde


This recipe uses the kernels and the ‘corn stock’. It also uses a lot of fresh herbs so it is a great recipe at this time of year when you can raid your own herb garden!

Fresh Corn and Shrimp Risotto With Salsa Verde


Lobster Seafood Chowder

This recipe is so fancy I tend to link it with Christmas (but I’m not sure why!) There is no reason not to make it now with fresh corn on the cob!



Summer Corn Quiche

This makes a great side dish or a main with a green salad on the side!





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