Cellar Selections October 29, 2016 LCBO Release

This release is featuring wines of Bordeaux.  Entry level Bordeaux can be had but the range in price and quality is very, very broad.

There are couple of cellar recommendation that would allow you to buy in at a reasonable price and reap the benefit a couple of years from now.

Chateau du Bois Chantant Cuvée Laurence H. 20102

#421206 Score 90 $18.95

The LCBO feature describes this as the ‘benchmark’ for Classic Bordeaux. Bordeaux region is an area that stretches about 80 miles from Ste. Foiy to Médoc. The red  bordeaux blend is some combination of cabernet sauvignon, merlot and cabernet franc. The balance of the three main wines can vary depending on the appellation.  About one quarter oft he bordeaux region is given over to plantings meeting the appellation Bordeaux Supérieur, which  has stricter production laws than a ‘regular’ bordeaux.  The main difference is in the density of the plantings- Bordeaux Supérieur must have  4,500 vines per hectare with 2.2. meters between rows compared to ‘regular’ bordeaux which have 4,000 vines/hectare and 2.5 meters between rows. The extra stress on the vines produces stronger, healthier vines due to their fight to survive.

The maximum yield per hectare for Bordeaux Supérieur is 10% less than for regular  appellation and the grapes must be riper when picked, which would present the possibility for an extra .5% alcohol content.

All this to explain the extra richness and complexity to be expected from this wine, which tasting notes promise a balanced structure, with notes of ripe dark cherry, coffee and herbal tones.

Recommendation is to wait until 2017 or later to drink.


Vina Errazuriz Syrah 2013

#387910  Score 94  $18.95

This wine is from the Aconcagua Costa Vineyard which was recognized as an official Denomination of Origin in 2012 and is recognized for its suitability for growing cool climate grapes that produce elegant  wines with aromatic intensity and refreshing acidity.  2013 was a apparently a stellar year for this shiraz which has notes of blackcurrants, spice, mineral and herbs according to wineandspiritsmagazine.com.  It can be drunk now but is still showing firm acidity.  Recommendation is that it will gain in complexity over the next five years.  At this price you can taste now and over the next five years!

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