Wine Descriptors – Aromas, Flavors and Textures

Wine Aroma Wheel  and charts courtesy of Wine Folly. Click to enlarge.

Original Source: Wine Aroma Wheel by Wine Folly

Wine Profiles of Popular Varietals

The following charts indicate what you would expect to find as far a flavor in some of the most popular wine varietals.  (Click to enlarge).  Use this to compare what you are finding against the classic profile for that wine.

Original Source: Flavor Profiles of White Wines | Wine Folly

Original Source: Wine Flavor Profiles of Red Wines | Wine Folly

Wine Descriptions and What They Mean

Use this chart to help find the correct descriptors for aromas, flavours, textures and styles of the wine you are tasting. (Click to enlarge).

Original Source: Guide to Over 120 Wine Descriptors

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