German Bee Sting Cake (Bienenstich)
  1. Preheat oven according to cake mix instructions.
  2. Melt butter for topping in a non-stick saucepan over medium/low heat. Add honey and bring to a boil. Simmer for 2 minutes, remove from heat and add vanilla and almond slices. Allow to cool.
  3. Line 2 – 8″ round cake pans or 1 – 10″ spring form pan with parchment paper. Prepare cake mix according to instructions.
  4. Pour cake batter into your cake pan(s). Sprinkle top of 1 pan with a Tbsp of flour or so. Gently pour/spread honey almond topping over top of 1 pan.
  5. Bake according to manufacturers instructions.
  6. Remove cake from oven when toothpick comes out clean. Allow to cool about 20 minutes. If using 1 pan, remove cake from pan and slice horizontally in half. If using 2 pans remove bottom of cake from pan and remove parchment paper. Transfer bottom cake to serving platter.
  7. To prepare the filling beat whipping cream until it forms stiff. Beat in pudding mix and continue beating until it is stiff. Beat in the 10% cream until well mixed.
  8. Spread half the filling over the bottom layer of the cake. Position the top layer with the almond topping side up over the bottom layer. With a spatula spread the remaining pudding mix around the sides to completely cover. Leave the almond filling exposed for top of cake.
  9. Refrigerate until ready to serve.
Recipe Notes

Variation:  If you want a fluffier filling you can omit 10% cream and use 2 cups of whipping cream + pudding powder.  You can also choose to use all the filling between the layers and and leave the sides exposed.

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