Red Cabbage

Slow Cooker German Red Cabbage

Red cabbage is such a good side dish-it is a little bit tangy and it really brightens up a plate!

I make it all the time. I serve it with German meals like Schnitzel and Rouladen but I also serve it at Christmas with my Madame Benoit’s Tortiere recipe.  In Quebec they often serve beets with their traditional tortiere, I think for the colour more than the tanginess.

Red cabbage is inexpensive, low in calories and high in nutrients.. talk about eating the rainbow!

I like to make mine in the slow cooker.  It is easy and lends itself to the long, slow cook.  You want to cook it long enough for the cabbage to get really tender.  You can do it in the oven as well in a covered casserole. In the oven I would cook it for at least 2 hours on 350 degrees and check to make sure it has water at all times.

Red cabbage freezes well and reheats well too. So… win/win all around!