Root Vegetable Timbales with Sage Brown Butter

Our holiday crowd is very large so there are many favourite dishes that the meal would not be complete without.  Many years 80% of the rutabagas are left over, 70% of the sweet potatoes, 50% of the squash…the list goes on…you get the picture. I found a way to cover off everyone’s favourites without having to make multiple root vegetable casseroles. Continue reading “Root Vegetable Timbales with Sage Brown Butter”

bacon-and-beer-potato salad

Warm Creamy Potato Salad

I can’t decide which potato salad I like best!  This is the 3rd variation of German potato salad  I am posting. The base of this is the same as Warm Potato Salad with Beer– only the dressing is different!

This creamy one is really interesting as well because of the warm butter, beer mix you pour over the hot potato dice.  I think you will get a lot of people asking what is in this salad because unless you have seen the recipe it is hard to put your finger on on what you are tasting.

I like this one with Schnitzel because the creaminess offsets the dryness of the schnitzel cutlet.  You can keep it relatively calorie light by using light mayonnaise and light sour cream.

As you may know from my other posts my favourite new way to cook my potatoes is in my pressure cooker, 15-17 minutes for 12 whole medium size potatoes!  And no mushiness!  I feel like I am becoming a broken record!