Make Ahead Pumpkin Squares

Make Ahead Pumpkin Squares with Cream Cheese Frosting

These yummy little treats are a favourite among my family and friends.  They give you a hit of pumpkin pie for fewer calories than a whole piece of pie would be.  The cream cheese frosting is piped on so you get the salty, sweet effect again with fewer calories than a full coverage frosting. Continue reading “Make Ahead Pumpkin Squares with Cream Cheese Frosting”

No Cook Chocolate Mousse

No Cook Chocolate Mousse

Thank goodness for Pinterest and the easy access to alternative types of cooking. You can find anything nowadays – gluten free, vegan, raw -you name it. I was entertaining a guest who is avoiding flour and sugar.  When I was searching Pinterest for no sugar desserts I found a recipe that uses avocados as the base for an uncooked mousse.  Don’t stop reading here if you have never tried it! Continue reading “No Cook Chocolate Mousse”

Maple Mousse Butter Tart

How much more Canadian can you get than Maple syrup and butter tarts!  This recipe was part of our Holiday Wine Pairing Dinner. Follow the link for full menu, wine pairing suggestions and notes.  This recipe is awesome, especially the crust…oh.. and the filling… and the mousse… It is very rich so you can get 8 -12 servings out of the recipe. A little bit goes a long way!  Enjoy!