Apple Pie with Cider Ice Cream

Apple Pie

This is another of my favourite recipes.  I just got fresh, fresh, Ontario apples at our market and they were outstanding in this pie.  I heard on a radio program once that most of the apples we can buy in our supermarkets are at least four months old by the time they hit the shelf.  I know apples keep if properly stored but it sure makes a difference if you can source some fresh apples in season from an orchard or market near you.

This pie uses my Easy Pie Crust recipe and the filling is generous.  I was afraid that my top crust was going to be too thin by the time I got it big enough to cover the mound of filling but it forced me to roll it out thinly and it was wonderful.

I like this recipe because it cooks long and at a bit lower heat.  Often pie recipes start the first 15 minutes at 425 degrees and then reduce to 350 or 375 degrees. I find my crust is always too brown when I do this.  With the even temperature on this bake time my crust was a light golden brown.

You will want to bake this with a pan underneath to catch any juices.  There is so much filling in this pie you will definitely need it.

I served it with Apple Cider Ice Cream for a double apple hit!

Cinnamon Ice Cream

Cinnamon Ice Cream

I don’t know why there isn’t a commercial version of Cinnamon Ice Cream (at least there isn’t in Canada that I have ever seen).   It is such a  perfect partner for apple pie, peach pie, berry crisps, cobblers.  In fact – I had Cinnamon Ice cream in an upscale restaurant years ago and when I couldn’t find any in the store that is what prompted me to go out and buy an ice cream maker.  It sounds kind of decadent to have an appliance so specific to one thing but what is nice is you can control the healthiness of your iced product – low fat frozen yogurt, sherbets, ices, and yes – even margarita mix! Continue reading “Cinnamon Ice Cream”