Brandied Beef Bourguignon

A fantastic make-ahead dish that is easy yet elegant enough for a holiday meal. It is meant to sit overnight after you cook it to let the flavor develop. How perfect for an entertaining recipe!  Serve this  French classic with mashed potatoes or rice. The brandy flambé gives this an additional flavor hit beyond the red wine sauce. Continue reading “Brandied Beef Bourguignon”

Seafood Saffron Pasta

Shrimp Saffron Pasta Salad

This is a great pasta salad that takes advantage of all the fresh herbs available in summer.  The seafood makes it a bit lighter and the lemon top notes makes it nice and fresh tasting.

I would serve this with a Muscadet Sevre et Main or a dry Rosé.






Veal Stock

I wish I had understood the value of a real veal stock much earlier in my cooking career!  I am in love with real stock. Let’s face it – we put a lot of time and effort into many of the dishes we create for  friends and family. I was often irritated that I couldn’t quite get that same umami level you get in a good restaurant. Well-I finally learned – it is the veal stock!! Continue reading “Veal Stock”