Toasted Orzo

Toasted Orzo

I had forgotten about this recipe for a while. I made it for a crowd many years ago and was asked for the recipe by a few of the guests.   They are still raving about it.  Since they reminded me of it I have put it back into my regular rotation of recipes.

Orzo is pasta in the shape of rice and makes a great side dish hot or as a cold salad.  Toasting the orzo in the oven before cooking it is an unusual step and  it gives it a wonderful, nutty flavour.  This makes a great side for pork or chicken. The mushrooms contribute to the nutty, earthy flavour of it so anything that mushrooms go well with, this will too.  I served it with schnitzel in the spirit of  Jaeger schnitzel.

The recipe calls for fresh tarragon.  If you like tarragon go for it.  I like it better without but my guests liked it in – so – it is up to you!

This makes a lot- about 12 servings so it is great for a crowd.  You may want to halve it if you only have a few people or you will be eating left overs! May not be a bad thing – it reheats well!



There are many variations of demi-glace. It is basically a further reduction of veal stock after the addition of red wine, herbs, garlic, shallots.  You can use wine and/or port, thyme, rosemary -whatever flavouring you want your final sauce to represent.  Here is a fairly simple demi-glace recipe that goes well with beef. I personally use thyme and bay leaves for beef and if I wanted it for lamb I would add a sprig of rosemary.