Basic Corn Bread You can Switch Up 5 Ways

This is a hardworking recipe!  There are a few variations listed below to take you from basic corn bread to muffins, to chili-topping dumplings.

The basic corn bread is actually a rather dry bread and it is perfect for the base of my favourite holiday dressing –  Corn Bread Dressing.  You could serve it beside Spicy Chili or with butter and jam while it is warm and fresh from the oven. Continue reading “Basic Corn Bread You can Switch Up 5 Ways”


Root Vegetable Timbales with Sage Brown Butter

Our holiday crowd is very large so there are many favourite dishes that the meal would not be complete without.  Many years 80% of the rutabagas are left over, 70% of the sweet potatoes, 50% of the squash…the list goes on…you get the picture. I found a way to cover off everyone’s favourites without having to make multiple root vegetable casseroles. Continue reading “Root Vegetable Timbales with Sage Brown Butter”